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Deal Center Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What is the Deal Center?

    The Deal Center is an online shopping portal that allows Eligible American Express Prepaid Reloadable Cardmembers to access discounts and special offers and contribute to United Way. American Express will donate a percentage of eligible purchases to United Way when an Eligible Prepaid Card User or Owner shops through the site. The percent varies by merchant and can be found either next to the offer or in "Merchant Details."

  2. How does the Deal Center website work?

    To access merchant offers and earn money for United Way, simply visit the site, find an offer, product, or store you are interested in browsing and click the icon or link to go to that merchant's site. Use your eligible American Express Prepaid Reloadable Card when you make your purchase on the store's website and American Express will donate the listed percentage to United Way. Your qualifying purchases through the Deal Center will be tracked. Please make sure to follow any additional directions found in the offer details.

  3. Can I go directly to a merchant's web site? Or do I always have to start in the Deal Center to access discounts and help contribute to United Way?

    In order to get access to special discounts and offers and help contribute to United Way, you must begin your shopping at the Deal Center. While you may be able to access some of the same merchant discounts and offers by going directly to the merchant site, your purchases there will not be eligible for any American Express charitable contributions that are available at the Deal Center site.

  4. Do I need a coupon code to take advantage of special offers?

    In some cases you need a coupon code, but not in all situations. If one is required, the coupon code will be communicated along with the special offer.

  5. Do I earn money for United Way on everything I buy through the Deal Center?

    Most online purchases earn money towards a charitable contribution to United Way, but some purchases might not qualify. You can get specific details on what you can get with each merchant by hovering over the offer and clicking, "Merchant Details."

  6. How do I know if a purchase I made is qualified to count towards American Express' charitable contribution to United Way?

    Purchases that qualify for the charitable contribution will note the percentage either next to the offer or in "Merchant Details." If you do not see a percentage noted, the purchase most likely does not qualify.

  7. Does American Express assess the full value of my purchase for the donation to United Way?

    Donations are based on the purchase price of the eligible items bought, excluding tax, shipping and handling. Any other merchant-specific exclusions will be listed on the merchant's detail page in the Deal Center website.

  8. What happens to the donation to United Way if I have to return a purchase?

    If you have to return a purchase, American Express will deduct the necessary amount from the charitable donation to United Way.

  9. How do I know how much I earn for United Way when I make a purchase?

    The amount you earn for United Way differs from merchant to merchant. We show you the estimated percentage (rounded to the nearest whole percent) that American Express donates to United Way in the Deal Center. Simply hover over the offer and click "Merchant Details" to view specific details.

  10. What does it mean if the percent donated to United Way is a range (e.g. 2-5%)?

    The amount American Express will donate to United Way varies by the products you purchase from that merchant. See the merchant's information page for more details. If you do not see the percentage next to the offer, simply hover over the offer and click, "Merchant Details" to view specific details.

  11. Which stores are participating in the Deal Center?

    The Deal Center website currently has more than 500 merchants in retail and travel. We constantly add new merchants for the Deal Center, so the list is subject to change.

  12. The store I was shopping at last week is no longer on the Deal Center website. What happened?

    The Deal Center program is continually trying to select the best merchants. From time to time, the merchants available on the Deal Center website may change.

  13. Who should I call if I have questions about the charges on my Eligible Prepaid Card from a purchase I made through the Deal Center website?

    You should call the Customer Service number on the back of your Card for any questions about transactions on your Card.

Retailer/Merchandise Questions

  1. How do I get the merchandise I buy through the Deal Center?

    The merchandise you buy through the Deal Center will be shipped by the store directly to you. All questions about tracking packages and delivery time should be directed to the store from whom you purchased the merchandise. As a reminder, we suggest holding on to your order number and any confirmation e-mail from the merchant.

  2. When will I receive my merchandise?

    Delivery times vary by store and by shipping method. Please refer to the specific store's website or to your order confirmation e-mail for delivery information as well as shipping and handling information. Contact the store directly with any questions regarding your merchandise.

  3. Who do I contact if I want to return merchandise?

    All returns must be handled directly with the store. Before ordering, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the store's return policy.

  4. Do I need to keep the order number/confirmation number I receive from the store?

    We suggest holding on to your order number as well as any e-mailed confirmations the store sends to you.

Technical Questions

  1. Why do I have to have Javascript enabled in my browser to use this site?

    Javascript is a programming language that helps us display dynamic information on the site. The Deal Center will not function without it.

  2. I am trying to shop on the Deal Center website, and it says that I must have cookies enabled. What does this mean?

    Cookies must be enabled in your web browser for American Express to donate a percentage of your purchase to United Way. Please check your browser Help section for more information on how to enable cookies. To learn more about cookies and American Express's privacy policy on cookies, please visit our Privacy Policy.

  3. Why are cookies required?

    As part of the Deal Center website process, cookies are necessary in order for American Express to donate a percentage of your purchase to United Way. This tracking function is performed using cookies for many of the partners in the Deal Center website. Though the Deal Center program does not require a cookie to access the website, merchant cookies are required in order to successfully track purchases and help American Express contribute to United Way.